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The 4 Stages of Pressure Sores

Stages of Bed Sores

There are four identifiable stages of bed sores. At Stage 1, these pressure sores look red in color and  they tend to have a different temperature and firmness than the skin around them. Stage 2 introduces blisters and open wounds into the equation, with the wounds getting deeper and more severe as the ulcers enter Stage 3. By Stage 4, the sores reach all the way to the bone and can potentially cause permanent damage to nearby deep tissue and joints.

It is important to understand that some deep pressure ulcers may not have open wounds. These sores, which often look dark red or purple, can do extensive damage to deep tissue. If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from any stage of pressure sore, bring it to a doctor’s attention immediately. Sadly, bed sores can and should be prevented. If you or a loved one has experienced bed sores nursing home abuse may be a factor.

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