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Bed Sores Are a Clear Sign of Nursing Home Neglect in Evanston

Pressure sores, also called pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, result from prolonged periods of sitting or lying in one position. Such skin breakdown commonly referred to as “bed sores,” are often avoidable and sustained by bedridden individuals who are not re-positioned often enough. A high number of these individuals are those who live in nursing homes. These people are victims of abuse.

“Pressure sores affect 11 percent of nursing home residents, according to the most recent report on pressure ulcers by the National Center for Health Statistics. Most of these ulcers were completely preventable.”

Pressure sores can also result from incontinence, prolonged periods sitting in a wheelchair, or through the improper placement and use of medical devices. Without proper re-positioning and care, minor irritations of the skin can quickly grow into permanent tissue damage, infection, amputation and even death.

Bed Sore FAQs

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