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Nursing Homes for Baby Boomers

Nursing Homes for Baby Boomers   The nursing home industry is changing. Companies that operate nursing homes are becoming increasingly interested in attracting short-term baby boomer patients instead of the traditional older, long-term residents. Two Types of Nursing Home Care Nursing homes can provide two distinct types of care.  The first is long-term care for people

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Nursing Homes Evicting Patients

  Nursing Homes Evicting Patients   A terrible thing is happening at some nursing homes throughout the country.  They are evicting some of their most vulnerable residents. These residents are being tossed out because the nursing homes want to make more money and/or they want to avoid dealing with patients who need extra care.  Sometimes, the

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Negligence at a Nursing Home

Negligence at a Nursing Home   When you place your parent or another loved one in a nursing home, you trust that they will care for this individual properly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some people entrusted to nursing homes suffer injuries, illness or even death because of negligence. What is Nursing Home

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