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Anticoagulation Therapy – How it works and its uses

What is Anticoagulation Therapy Anticoagulation therapy makes use of drugs that reduces the body’s ability to form blood clots. These drugs are able to do this by inhibiting the production of Vitamin K in the liver, which in turn, increases the time it takes for your blood takes to clot. Although these anticoagulants

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The Risk of Pressure Ulcers to Nursing Home Patients

Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Home Patients Pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores, are an ever-present threat to nursing home patients. These skin ailments can progress deep into tissues and bones, resulting in infections, permanent injury and even death. Nursing home neglect is often to blame. Bedsores arise from prolonged pressure on the skin, usually from

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Nursing Home Neglect, Abuse, and Mismanagement

What You Can Do if Your Loved One is Harmed at a Nursing Home Not so long ago, society generally and families in particular, dealt with the physical and mental problems of aging loved ones differently than today. To begin with, the need to care for the elderly was not always certain, because there weren’t

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