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Malpractice After Botched IUD Replacement

Malpractice After Botched IUD Replacement   A gynecologist caused irreversible damage to his patient’s uterus when he failed to remove an old intrauterine device before inserting a new one. The patient would experience severe pelvic pain for six months before discovering that her doctor had made the horrendous error, which resulted in massive uterine perforation, painful adhesions,

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What Happens When Nurses Give the Wrong Medication

What Happens When Nurses Give the Wrong Medication   Heart disease and cancer are the most prolific killers of Americans. Third on the list? It could be medical errors, according to a 2016 study from patient safety experts at Johns Hopkins University. Those mistakes take many forms, but errors in prescribing and administering medication are

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Anticoagulation Therapy – How it works and its uses

What is Anticoagulation Therapy Anticoagulation therapy makes use of drugs that reduces the body’s ability to form blood clots. These drugs are able to do this by inhibiting the production of Vitamin K in the liver, which in turn, increases the time it takes for your blood takes to clot. Although these anticoagulants

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