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Basics of a Geriatric Nursing Care Plan

Basics of a Geriatric Nursing Care Plan One of the most important factors while evaluating a nursing home for your elderly family member is the kind of care plan they present and follow. In all nursing environments, quality care is a group effort. In the nursing home setting, your loved one’s needs will be managed

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Choking Injuries and Deaths in Nursing Homes

For many people living in a nursing home facility, swallowing food or may prove difficult. This means that nursing homes have to monitor or supervise the food intake of their patients. The risk of choking, possibly even death, increase when nursing homes fail to enforce diet restrictions or do not pay close attention to those

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Risk of Incontinence in Nursing Homes

According to a 2009 study, incontinence affects over 50 percent of nursing home residents across the country. Incontinence, defined as the loss of bladder or bowel control, in elderly nursing home patients is often due to psychological conditions, physical conditions or medications. It is up to the nursing home staff to ensure that every patient

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